Kaolin Clay Powder White Clay Mask Powder for Skin Pack 100% Natural – 100ml Jar


1. Our product’s dry texture allows the Sei Bella kaolin clay powder to soak into the skin quickly
and effortlessly; it truly feels like it is melting a layer of dead skin off your face.
2. Pure natural ingredients, so tablet has no color, no added fragrance, and delicate aroma.
3. Its mildness makes it suitable for most skin types. It effectively cleanses your skin without
irritating or making it feel dry. It also keeps your skin hydrated in all weather conditions
without feeling greasy or looking shiny.
4. Applicable to all skin types.
5. Balances sebum secretion, purifies pores, and detoxifies the skin.
How to Use
Combine 1/2 teaspoon honey with two teaspoon kaolin clay, and rose water (or distilled
water). Cleanse and rinse your face before applying the mask.
Allow 10–20 minutes for the mask to dry. Remove the mask with a dry cotton pad or towel.

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 Sei Bella Kaolin clay powder is the white beauty clay that originated from China. Nothing is
more critical than beauty-it affects how you feel about yourself, your outlook on life, and your
relationships with others. Sei Bella kaolin clay is a spa-quality mask offering benefits to your skin
from the inside out. And it works beautifully with the rest of our Sei Bella line of products. Sei
Bella Kaolin Clay powder Mask is created for you to tap into nature magical power with a blend
of organic ingredients that makes your face smooth, supple, soft, and radiant.

Specifications of Kaolin Clay Powder White Clay Mask Powder for Skin Pack 100%
Natural – 100ml Jar
 Skin Type
Normal,Dull,Dry,Oily,Combination,Sensitive,Signs of Ageing,Anti-Aging,Acne-prone,All
types,Fairness,Oil Control,Fine Lines & Wrinkles,Pores,Sensitive Skin,All Skin Types,Dry Skin,Dark
 Brand Classification
 Pack Type

Single Item
 Volume (ml)
 Country of origin
 Skin Care Benefits
Anti-Aging,Sensitive,RADIANCE,Pore Control,Soothing,Sun Protection,Acne Care,Firming/Lifting
 Product Form
 Beauty Features
skin care
 Storage Requirements
Room Temperature
 Shelf Life
3 years
 weight
110 g
 Health Features
skin lifting, anti aging, anti inflammatory, anti rash, beautiful and flawless skin.,


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